Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito nomination hearings start today

This is a Supreme Court position that may overturn Kelo vs. New London. The abortion issue is important, and I have strong feelings about that, but Kelo vs. New London strikes at the very heart of what it means to be an American; the right to own property. Too bad the hearings for Alito will address none of that; they will be about preening polititians of both parties trying to get camera time and get re-elected. How pathetic.

I recently purchased "The Goonies," one of my favorite kid movies, because our kids are old enough now to enjoy it and understand the concept: A group of kids trying to save their homes from a developer who wants to build a golf course.

Now all the pirate's treasure in the world couldn't save the Goonie's homes from the bulldozer, because 5 stupid people calling themselves "justices" decided they know better than the Constitution and the founding fathers. Private property is the foundation of our country.

It will be so again. Imagine living in the time of the Dred Scott decision, and the heartbreak of knowing that the Supreme Court upheld slavery. People must have thought that America couldn't survive.

Er, come to think of it, though, we had an entire Civil War not long after that decision.

This one -- Kelo vs. New London -- will turn out differently. We won't need a Civil War to correct the bad mistakes of some foolish old men and women. I don't need to watch the Alito hearings because I know he'll be confirmed, and we'll see Kelo reversed.

Goonies, if you recall, never give up.


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