Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gay men in positions of authority over young boys

One important thing that's going to come out of this Foley case (besides showing the hypocrisy of the Democrats once again) is that people are going to start thinking twice about gay men in positions of authority.

Gay men in the priesthood? The Catholic church is not allowing them any more after the scandals involving gay priests and young men.

Gay men in the Boy Scouts? The Boy Scouts went to the Supreme Court to defend their boys against gay scoutmasters. Smart Boy Scouts.

Gay men in the military? Don't ask, don't tell, and if you want to be overt, you're gone. A smart move by our armed forces.

Gay men shouldn't be in positions of authority over young men. Maybe if anything, Foley is going to allow us to say that in public, and loudly, once again.