Thursday, April 06, 2006

Whateverism versus Capitalism

Is there any debate any longer, between capitalism and communism? Of course there is, even though communism has been completely discredited. Professors and teachers are still enamored of the idea of redistribution of wealth and books are still written arguing about "progressive" politics. Since "communism" failed, the leftists turned to "socialism." When "socialism" took the big dive into the tank, "liberalism" became the catchword of the left. Now that "liberalism" has earned a well-deserved slimy reputation, "progressive" is the new word.

When I was a child I watched "The Wiz," a black version of The Wizard of Oz. Since I didn't know it was a terrible movie, I was actually enchanted by the film. I loved Diana Ross as a shy spinster Dorothy, a gorgeous young Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, and Richard Pryor as the Wizard. The best scene for me was the Wizard screaming down from his tower: "The color is now green!" and then a few minutes later shouting "Now I love red!" The crowd would instantly change their tune and compliment green, or red, or whatever the Wizard commanded. Lemmings I learned about later in school, and to me they will always remind me of that scene from The Wiz.

Liberals, ditto. Whatever comes down the pipe from the establishment they immediately champion. When Clinton is in office, War is Good! Saddam is Bad! When Bush is in office they change tunes without breaking stride: War is Bad! Saddam is Good!

The energy to resist these types is almost overwhelming, particularly when you have kids to raise. There is a desire to simply turn and go with the lemming-like flow, to gain the approval of the vast establishment of media and teachers and so-called intellectuals. This, of course, is the wrong thing to do.

Ultimately, as Dumbledore said to Harry Potter, we all have to make a choice between what is easy and what is right.


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I'm looking for some easy right women.

That way I can have easy and right together.

Love your picture.

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