Thursday, February 09, 2006

Barbarians at the Gates

There are some things that are so unbelievable that you have to read them a few times just to absorb the insane barbarity of it all:

Tehran, Iran, Jan. 07 – An Iranian court has sentenced a teenage rape victim to death by hanging after she weepingly confessed that she had unintentionally killed a man who had tried to rape both her and her niece.

The state-run daily Etemaad reported on Saturday that 18-year-old Nazanin confessed to stabbing one of three men who had attacked the pair along with their boyfriends while they were spending some time in a park west of the Iranian capital in March 2005.

Nazanin, who was 17 years old at the time of the incident, said that after the three men started to throw stones at them, the two girls’ boyfriends quickly escaped on their motorbikes leaving the pair helpless.

She described how the three men pushed her and her 16-year-old niece Somayeh onto the ground and tried to rape them, and said that she took out a knife from her pocket and stabbed one of the men in the hand.

As the girls tried to escape, the men once again attacked them, and at this point, Nazanin said, she stabbed one of the men in the chest. The teenage girl, however, broke down in tears in court as she explained that she had no intention of killing the man but was merely defending herself and her younger niece from rape, the report said.

The court, however, issued on Tuesday a sentence for Nazanin to be hanged to death.

Defending yourself against rape is punishable by death? Let us examine this more closely, after we finish gagging and retching. If women and girls are property, dogs or cattle without rights, then to attack a human being is punishable by death no matter what the reason.

We have pit bull attacks in our country and the owners of the pit bulls are fined and sometimes face jail. However, the pit bulls are always put to sleep, no matter what. If you attack a human being, you face the death penalty if you're a dog, and no provocation is acceptable.

Well, that makes me feel a bit better. I have now put myself in the Islamist's shoes, minds, and hearts, and understand their motivation and their logic and their culture.

Now, let's go kill all their men.

.... Oh, all right, that might be a little harsh. Forgive me, because I can't get the image of brave little Nazanin out of my head. This story, awful as it is, illuminates the real key to bringing the Islamic nations into the civilized world.

When women are given equal rights, when women are honored as human beings with the same rights and responsibilities as men, then and only then can a nation be considered anything but barbaric. Iran is run by barbarians. Saudi Arabia is run by barbarians. Vile, degraded barbarians. We must defeat these creatures or face them in our country, in our schools, and within touching distance of our precious daughters.


Blogger Doug said...

"Now, let's go kill all their men."
"The Death Penalty is Not a Deterent to Crime" ;-)
Seriously, Bennet is going to try to spark some awareness of this.
...goes on all the time, but he figures the time is ripe, and way overdue.
Whatever happened to Jay Leno's wife?
Did she go silent when Bush was elected?

9:26 AM  
Blogger sirius_sir said...

So unutterably sad.

8:30 AM  

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