Wednesday, January 18, 2006

But what if they don't love their children, Sting?

I recall the 80's song Russians by Sting. The main lyric was this: "I hope the Russians love their children too." This was supposed to be a sly dig at President Reagan calling the Soviet Union an Evil Empire -- of course the Russians love their children, silly man. There will never be a nuclear war with Russia because all life on earth will end.

But what if an apocalypse is what you want? What if you want the world to be destroyed, to be a place of ashes and death, so that a new paradise will be begin as the 12th Imam rises from the well? For someone like Iran's so-called "President" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, this is not just a belief but an actual campaign promise.

Ahmadinejad has also declared that the Mahdi, or 12th Imam, will return to earth within three or four years -- coincidentally, about the time Iran will have nuclear-tipped missiles that can obliterate Israel. What a nice gift for the new Mahdi.

I heard a political commentator say something so profound that I've never forgotten it. He said this in such an offhand way, too, as though it were no big deal. I wish I remembered his name. He said this: "Jews are the canary in the coal mine. When they are threatened, that means you're next."

Canaries in the coal mine. When Israel is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, what will we say? Sorry? Will that be the end, when Israel no longer exists? Lots of Jewish people in this country (and sad to say lots of Christians too) believe that. The whole Middle East turmoil is all about the Jews -- er, Israelis -- they say comfortingly. If Israel goes away, all our problems will end. That canary with its little feet turned up means nothing, nothing at all. It was just a canary. Ignore the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Ignore the Hindus in India. Ignore the Africans being bought and sold as slaves by Muslims in Africa. The Jews are God's Chosen People but when it comes to Muslim hatred, they're one in the crowd.

Iran is working to get the bomb. (Hat tip: The Belmont Club.) Some argue that Iran will become another member of the nuclear club, using the bomb to parley for prestige, loans from the International Monetary Bank, and maybe extra coupons at Walgreens.

I believe that Iran will use their nuclear weapons to bring about the return of the 12th Imam and the foundation of an Islamic paradise, first by bombing Israel. We can fight them now or fight them later, but fight them we will.

Sting, they don't love their children. If we love our children, we'd better do something, and do it fast.


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