Monday, January 23, 2006

The NSA is listening? To you? Okay, here's a clue...

They don't care about you. Honestly. There's a lot of media-generated, Democrat-encouraged furor over the NSA "wiretapping" people's phone conversations. American phone conversations, between private citizens. The NSA might be listening to you. They might know about you. All about you.

Well, if they cared. And that's what makes me laugh about this whole furor. It has a high-school feel to it. Oh, the whole world is watching me! I'm so very important that the NSA is listening to me, watching me, getting ready to send dark-suited agents to bust down my door and haul me off to the Bush-Halliburton concentration camp!

The NSA (National Security Agency) has always listened to whatever they please. Your cell phone conversations. Your phone calls within the U.S. They can check on your computer Internet account and find out the websites you've visited. They can discover your video rental information, and flip their fingers through your bank accounts. Honestly, you have no idea how powerful the NSA is in their ability to gather information and all of it is perfectly legal and they've had the authority to do this for years.

A long, rather dry but quite informative read is The Puzzle Palace, by James Bamford. Imagine hundreds of workers hunched over desks and sorting through stacks, rooms, buildings, entire cities of information, and trying to find in all that avalanche the one snowflake of a terrorist attack.

What isn't legal is hauling innocents away and torturing them in government facilities, which the left delights in imagining but cannot find any examples of. (Except for Saddam's well-documented torture chambers, which the left ignores.)

Whenever I hear another rant about the horrible violation of privacy of the Bush administration attempting to track down terrorist suspects, I just shake my head as I suck down some Slurpee at the 7-11 and wave at the camera, get some money out of the ATM and nod at that camera, log onto the Internet and marvel at all the delicious cookies that allow me to do banking transactions, order books, and shop, and I shake my head and laugh when I talk to my sister on the phone about any little thing that pops into my head.

I'm very important to my family, but I'm not important to the NSA. And even if you march in parades wearing a "Bush is Hitler" t-shirt and belong to or even the communist party, the NSA is just not going to care that much about you. If you are currently working on making a bomb and you're going to set it off, then you should worry.

The NSA is going after terrorists, and I'm cheering for them all the way. Good on ya, as the Aussies would say. Go get 'em.


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